My personal selection for you

I am providing you with my personal selection of wraps for fingernails and toenails ... and that since April 2020 and at a fair price!

Hello girls, my name is Anna and I am happy to be able to offer you such a great personal selection of wraps.

A few years ago I wore gel nails that I unfortunately had to give up for professional reasons. It took a long time for my natural nails to recover afterwards. In the meantime, I've tried various nail polishes. Unfortunately without success!

By chance I came across nail wraps. After the first application, I was immediately enthusiastic and convinced that I have been wearing a wide variety of nail wraps since then. I am amazed at the variety of designs available. However, we like to use our creativity for our own designs. You will find our exclusive designs in the categories "Suhr Nails collection" + "XL Suhr Nails collection".

We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you a diverse portfolio of nail wrap designs.

I hope you like my personal selection and enjoy it as much as I do!

Animal welfare first!

We consider the animal-free production of our articles to be particularly important. We also pay special attention to the protection of all living creatures in all other processes.

I, as the founder, have always kept pets and am committed to animal welfare. I make sure that the animals in need of protection come from foster homes.

With Suhr Nails and thanks to our loyal customers, we donate to selected foster homes to give something back to the unfortunately defenceless but most loyal furry noses.

You can contact us about this using the following button.


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