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Our simple application video will show you how to apply our nail wraps to your nails quickly, cleanly and easily. Please also note our step-by-step instructions below the video with our personal help tips for you.

The application description including our tips and tricks apply to nail wraps for finger - as well as toe nails.

Below we also show you how to remove Suhr Nails nail wraps easily, quickly and gently from the nail .

1st step

Clean your fingernails / toenails with a nail polish remover to remove grease and dirt. Your cuticles must be pushed back or removed. File your nails to your desired shape and size.


A conventional base coat is recommended to protect your natural nail. We recommend using nail wraps with glitter two layers base coat. This must dry out completely before using the nail wraps.

2nd step

Find the right size for each nail.


If your nail size is between two existing nail wraps, you can cut the nail wrap to size with nail scissors or take the smaller size off the wraps.

3rd step

Once you have chosen the right size, you must first remove the thin cling film. Carefully peel the nail film from the backing paper.

4th step

First stick the wrap in the middle of your nail. Then, gently brush the wrap from the center of your nail towards the edges. Bend the excess film over your finger / foot.


Avoid sticking or pulling the wraps over the edge of the nail. Otherwise you can pull back after the application and thus create unnecessary edges on the nail edge.

5th step

The protruding film is filed down vertically with a glass nail file.


Avoid filing in different directions so that there are no unsightly edges.

For better durability we recommend a conventional top coat or for durability longer than 7 days we recommend using a shellac.

Further personal information:

In my personal experience, I recommend wearing the nail wraps with a standard top coat for a maximum of 7 days. If you work a lot with your hands, I would recommend the shellac as a top coat.

After that, you should leave your nails in their natural state for 1-2 days. 

During this time the nails can absorb moisture, light and air again.

In these 1-2 days, please care for the nails and cuticles with commercially available care products, of course only if necessary (e.g. with dry cuticles). 

 As described above, I recommend two layers of base coat for each wrap,  especially for wraps with glitter .

The removal of the nail wraps works of course with any commercially available nail polish remover,  BUT I recommend a gentler method, the "hot water-oil-hand soap method".

You can see how this method works in this video (only in German):

If you need another easy, quick and gentle method to remove Suhr Nails nail wraps, watch our video below (only in German):